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Mon Oct 21 07:43:31 PDT 2002

--- "Kevin D. Kissell" <kevink at mips.com> wrote:
> > The compiler I'm working on (ACK in Minix) doesn't
> support the long long data 
> > type. This is quite upsetting because it makes the
> project of porting Kaffe  
> > kind of difficult. Has anybody found the same
> problem when porting Kaffe to 
> > any platform or this is just one of the
> consecuences of not using gcc? 
> I don't know ACK/Minix, so I have to ask what may be
> a
> stupid question: Is the issue that you have no
> 64-bit data
> type whatever, or that your compiler gives it a
> different
> name (int64 or whatever)?  If it's a question of
> nomenclature,
> it could be fixed by doing something that arguably
> should
> have been done to begin with for portability, which
> is to
> *always* use synthetic (typedeffed) types,
> particularly
>  for 64-bit data.  If you have no 64-bit type
> whatever,
> on the other hand, there would be non-trivial
> engineering
> work to do to support Java's 64-bit data and
> operations.

I agree with kevin that using a synthetic type is a
much better idea than the long long thing we have. If
someone would like to produce a patch, I'd be glad to
check it in.

I think there is a 64 bit type on MINIX, used for disk
access, called u64_t. The bad thing is that all
arithmetic operations are apprently carried out via
function calls, so you might have to code a few macros
to get it right on all platforms.


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