[kaffe] Question::how much memory does kaffe need to run?

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Mon Oct 21 11:51:35 PDT 2002

The amount of memory kaffe uses depends on the application, and which
libraries you use, plus the operating system you run it on.  You'll
probably have the most luck with it on devices that have 8MB of RAM or
more - but if you're willing to put the work in, it could be made to
live in less space (depending on the application).  As it currently
stands, it doesn't really have the options to configure it to compete
with CLDC style virtual machines (which get below 200k).  Transvirtual,
while it was still alive, had a lightweight AWT implementation that
could run on a framebuffer, which had a ROM size of about 200k or so. 
That hasn't been merged into the kaffe.org version of kaffe yet, but I
hope someday that it will.

Generally speaking, it's really hard to give general answers to such
questions, but I think you'll find the memory consumption is probably
comparable to other CDC-class JVMs out there.  The nice thing is that it
is open source, so you can easily tailor it to chop out whatever bits
you don't want.


- Jim

p.s. I'd prefer it if you could refrain from sending HTML formatted
emails to the mailing list - many mail clients that people use in the
free software community can't read them...

On Mon, 2002-10-21 at 00:26, liu lan wrote:
> hello,
>           we are developing a project,which is concerned with embedded
> component. and we have choosen kaffe as the Virtual machine to test
> our component. we want to know what is the total cost of memory for
> kaffe  to run? in other word , if we run kaffe,how much memory does
> it  need?  how much memory does it need for its library and APIs?
> Besides,is there any other requirements, such as Font,  Graphics
> System, etc,for kaffe to run on an embedded device? I have searched
> your homepage and other links ,but did not get the answer. so if
> possible, i wish you could give me a discription about the target
> system requirements of kaffe when it runs on  embeded devices.in the
> attachment ,we give some information about the target system
> requirements of the Personal Basis Profile,part of the JavaTM 2
> Platform, Micro Edition (J2METM technology), which provides a platform
> for the development of applications and higher level APIs for consumer
> electronic devices.  The information in it is just what we want from
> you about kaffe. 
>            thanks a lot
>                                                      yours
> sincerely: Liu Lan 
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