[kaffe] More Debugging woes

Fabio Fracassi fracassi at cs.uni-bonn.de
Tue Oct 22 01:34:34 PDT 2002


I still have a Problem with Debugging the Initialisation Code. I've already 
asked once for general advice, and your answers helped me a little further 
(thank you). Still I am unable to track my error(s), so I'd like to ask a bit 
more specifically, and hope someone has an advice for me.

The problem is this:

At one place (/java/util/HashMap.find()) there is the following code:

	Object key
	if ... key.equals(e.key)

Somewhere in or during calling an NullPointerException gets thrown, but the 
stacktrace only shows the frames up to HashMap.
Now my Problem is I can't find out which equals() method gets called. It 
should be java/lang/Object.equals(), but that doesen't get called.
Now my Question is this, How can I find out where !exactly! the exception is 
thrown? How could I step throu the Java code, to find out which equals() 
method does get called?

Thanks in Advance


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