[kaffe] More Debugging woes

Svante Arvedahl exsvaar at softlab.se
Tue Oct 22 01:47:50 PDT 2002

Hi Fabio,
What platform are you using? Are you using the jit? What I usually do (I
use the jit) is to debug with gdb and put a break point on soft_athrow
in soft.c. When the breakpoint is hit 'where' gives me the address in
the jitted code where the exception was thrown. Thru disassembling the
code and comparing with the java source code I can usually figure out
where I'm at.


Fabio Fracassi wrote:
> Hi,
> I still have a Problem with Debugging the Initialisation Code. I've already
> asked once for general advice, and your answers helped me a little further
> (thank you). Still I am unable to track my error(s), so I'd like to ask a bit
> more specifically, and hope someone has an advice for me.
> The problem is this:
> At one place (/java/util/HashMap.find()) there is the following code:
>         Object key
>         ....
>         if ... key.equals(e.key)
>         ....
> Somewhere in or during calling an NullPointerException gets thrown, but the
> stacktrace only shows the frames up to HashMap.
> Now my Problem is I can't find out which equals() method gets called. It
> should be java/lang/Object.equals(), but that doesen't get called.
> Now my Question is this, How can I find out where !exactly! the exception is
> thrown? How could I step throu the Java code, to find out which equals()
> method does get called?
> Thanks in Advance
> Fabio
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