[kaffe] Bug Report: libraries/javalib/Makefile.{am,in}

Hervé Roussain roussain at univ-ubs.fr
Wed Oct 23 05:48:09 PDT 2002

The last CVS modification to the libraries/javalib/Makefile.{am,in} 
files doesn't work in every time:

(cd $(LIBDIR) ; $(ZIP) ... `grep '\.class$$' ../bootstrap.classlist` ... )
was changed to :
(cd $(LIBDIR) ; $(ZIP) ... `grep '\.class$$' 
$(srcdir)//bootstrap.classlist` ... )

But - at least with the versions of automake(1.4) & autoconf(2.13) I use 
- "$(srcdir)" is replaced by ".". So the bootstrap.classlist file is not 
found (and there is no error message!). So Klasses.jar.bootstrap 
contains only two files (kaffe/lang/unicode.{idx,tbl}).

A possible solution is to use a variable that contains class names 
before changing to $(LIBDIR) directory:

( classnames=`grep '\.class$$' $(srcdir)/bootstrap.classlist` ; cd 
$(LIBDIR) ; $(ZIP) ... $$classnames )

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