[kaffe] superh port

Kiyo Inaba inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp
Tue Oct 22 22:17:58 PDT 2002

>I have tried to make JIT works on pocketlinux. But gdb didn't
>work fine for bugs. 
>Please teach me fix point at gdb.

There are so many combinations for the target of SuperH port of
Kaffe :-) I mean, byte-order, operating system (linux or ***BSD),
or CPU itself. But I assume the most common one should be the
SH3, little-endian on linux.

If it is your case, please update your kernel to at least 2.4.13
and gdb may work fine, at least for breakpoint or some other
basic debugging.

BTW, I have never tried to make pocketlinux's version of kaffe,
and I am not sure whether the original works fine with latest
linux or not. I am trying to port their original (or merge)
to the latest version of kaffe.


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