[kaffe] kaffe--freeMemory Second Trying

xch wtfly at sohu.com
Tue Oct 22 18:27:59 PDT 2002

 I hava a question about the method  Runtime.freeMemory() in kaffe.I doubt whether it give the right value.My problem is :
 In my application, I start two threads, one is doing something ,the other is measuring the free space of the total System in a certain interval(5 milliseconds) by calling the method above while the first one is runing.
 I use kaffe to run it, the measuring thread always get a constant value, I can not understand and think it's impossible since another thread must use some memory.I run my application using JDK1.3, things goes well, I can see the measured value is changing.
Could you please tell me where is the wrong thing?  

Xu chenhui
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