[kaffe] exception prologue macro

Svante Arvedahl exsvaar at softlab.se
Sun Oct 27 23:41:13 PST 2002

Ciao Angelo!
The code generated in eprologue becomes the prologue of a catch clause.
That code is called by the macro CALL_KAFFE_EXCEPTION usually written in
jit.h and used in unwindStackFrame in exception.c when an exception
handler is found.

Hope it helps

Angelo Basile wrote:
> Hello
> I am studing the kaffe's jit and i am non able to hundrstand how the macro
> exception prologue works. Can you help me about it? i am non able to
> hunderstand the logical function of the macro exception prologue for a
> generical architecture : how it works,when it is called and why it is
> called.
> thanks
> Angelo
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