[kaffe] kaffe-1.0.7 building for powerpc

alain desire njike kamdoum njike_alain at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 28 04:16:30 PST 2002

Hi People I don't know if you have already solved the problem.i think you 
first have to build kaffe on your Host system and then set the environment 
variable kaffeh to the path of the executive kaffeh(On your Host) I've 
successfully buildt Kaffe on poweer PC following these instructions:

1-Kaffe need a locally executable "kaffeh" in order to be cross-compiled.So 
first build Kaffee for the host system:
  a) ./configure --prefix=....
  b) make
  c) make install

2- Now Kaffe can be configured and croos-compiled

  a) CC=powerpc-linux-gcc
     ./configure --prefix=...  --target=powerpc-linux   --host=powerpc-linux 
--with-headers=.. --with-libs=-- with-engine=intrp --without-x (I didn't try 
it with-engine=jit )

   b) open config.cache and paste the right values  of 
int,short,..,alignment of voidp


   c) run configure again
   d) make
   e) make install

I think it coulf help you

Best regards

Alain Njike

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>Subject: Re: [kaffe] kaffe-1.0.7 building for powerpc
>Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 04:58:49 -0700 (PDT)
>Hi Sanjeev,
>--- Sanjeev Manral <sanjeevm at sanyo.co.in> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I'm tryiong to port kaffe-1.0.7 to ppc.I'm also
> > getting the same error. were
> > u able to get the solution ?
> >
> > I'm configuring with-
> >
> > CC=ppc_405-gcc AS=ppc_405-as LS=-ppc_405-ld
> > AR=ppc_405-ar CPP=ppc_405-g++
> > STRIP=ppc_405-strip RANLIB=ppc_405-ranlib
> > ./configure --with-x --without-awt
> >
> >
> > --prefix=/usr/local/crossppc/kaffe --target=ppc
> >
> > /**********ERROR***********/
> > configure: warning: when cross compiling, you may
> > want to set
> > ac_cv_c_char_unsigned to yes or no
> > checking for kaffeh... no
> > configure: error: please set KAFFEH to the full
> > pathname of a locally
> > executable kaffeh
> > /*********************/
>you need to have a working local version of kaffe
>installed first, so you can set KAFFEH to its kaffeh
>tool. That's what the error message is trying to tell
>You need to install kaffe 1.0.7 locally first, and
>then set KAFFEH to the full path of wherever your
>locally executable kaffeh is installed, and then try
>again ;)
>best regards, and good luck,
>dalibor topic
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