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Fri Sep 20 05:47:01 PDT 2002

Hi Stefano,

--- Stefano Caselli <caselli at libero.it> wrote:
> I've just tried kaffe 1.0.7 under redhat linux 7.3
> since i have installed ibm jdk 1.1.8 i've tried the
> demos from
> that jdk (they are the same demos from sun jdk 1.1).
> unfortunately many don't work correctly. As an
> example
> the Animator and BarChart demo doesn't show
> pictures,
> DitherTest doesn't dither images, and WireFrame demo
> cannot find the models in the subdirectory...
> Don't take it wrong, please. I'd be happy if kaffe
> could
> replace non open source jdks, but it's too buggy !
> Can you fix jdk 1.1 features before adding more
> classes
> specific to later jdk versions?
> thanks.

thank you very much for your bug report. If you want
to help out to make kaffe better with respect to jdk
1.1 support, you are welcome to join the ranks of
kaffe developers. It should not be that hard to fix
the WireFrame directory bug, if you want to have a go
at it: the Java source code for the awt class files is
in libraries/javalib/java/awt (on Unix), and for the
I/O files in libraries/javalib/java/io, etc. The C
source for native methods are in libraries/clib/native
or libraries/clib/awt etc.

I am travelling for the next couple of weeks, so I
won,t be able to fix it myself for a while. It would
be really cool if you could have a go at it, there are
many good developers on this maling list who can help
you out if you get stuck somewhere.

best regards,

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