[kaffe] Again with Jars...

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Sat Sep 21 06:29:23 PDT 2002

Ciao Giannandrea,

--- Gianandrea Gobbo <gobbo at solari.it> wrote:
> Welcome back Dalibor.

I am not really back, I am just spending a few days in
Marrakech which has loads of internet cafes. I find it
more convenient to spend the siesta in in climatised
internet cafes than to walk around in morroccan midday
heat :-D

> I've tested the blackdown port on the IPaq
> (linux/Arm) and it works well, but 8Mb are way too
> much for an embedded device (even that is just a few
> buck more...), so I got my focus back on Kaffe, but
> I still can't open jars (even in the classpath).

Do you get the same error on other platforms, too ? If
it occurs on say i386-linux as well, then it could be
a problem with the jar code. It could be some bug in
kaffe that only shows up on arm-linux, though. Could
you post an example jar file (like a HelloWorld.jar)
that you can not run ?


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