[kaffe] [Bug Report] BeanShell not working in Kaffe

Frank Mitchell frankm at bayarea.net
Sun Sep 22 18:58:34 PDT 2002

This is what I get with a simple test of the latest version of
BeanShell, downloaded in binary form from http://www.beanshell.org.

[frank at gourry frank]$ export
[frank at gourry frank]$ java bsh.Interpreter
bsh.InterpreterError: internal error 1 in This:
	at java.lang.Throwable.fillInStackTrace(Throwable.java:native)
	at java.lang.Throwable.<init>(Throwable.java:38)
	at java.lang.Exception.<init>(Exception.java:24)
	at java.lang.RuntimeException.<init>(RuntimeException.java:21)
	at bsh.InterpreterError.<init>(source file unknown:line unknown, pc
	at bsh.This.getThis(source file unknown:line unknown, pc 0x8332476)
	at bsh.NameSpace.getThis(source file unknown:line unknown, pc
	at bsh.Interpreter.initRootSystemObject(source file unknown:line
unknown, pc 0x83310c6)
	at bsh.Interpreter.<init>(source file unknown:line unknown, pc
	at bsh.Interpreter.<init>(source file unknown:line unknown, pc
	at bsh.Interpreter.<init>(source file unknown:line unknown, pc
	at bsh.Interpreter.main(source file unknown:line unknown, pc 0x81f2bcc)

I ran this test on an IBM ThinkPad 380 ED, running RedHat Linux 6.1. 
I'll try to run it on a more modern Linux, and better hardware, if it
will help.  I also haven't tried recompiling BeanShell from source; at
least it might give line numbers.

Here's the version info from "java -fullversion"

Engine: Just-in-time v3   Version: 1.0.7   Java Version: 1.1
Configuration/Compilation options:
  Compile date  : Fri Sep 13 21:18:40 PDT 2002
  Compile host  : gourry
  Install prefix: /usr/local/kaffe
  Thread system : unix-jthreads
  CC            : gcc
  CFLAGS        : -g -O2 -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes
  LDFLAGS       : 
  ChangeLog head: Tue Jul 02 11:01:52 PDT 2002  Jim Pick 
<jim at kaffe.org>

Frank Mitchell (frankm at bayarea.net)

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