[kaffe] Gilgul 1.0.7 released

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Thu Apr 3 09:55:02 PST 2003

Hi Pascal,

--- Pascal Costanza <costanza at iai.uni-bonn.de> wrote:

> > So picture a combination of both: an
> ueber-debugger
> > that allows you to find the bug, step back until
> you
> > find the offending statement, and to replace the
> buggy
> > instance with a corrected version. That could
> bring a
> > HotSwap [2] capability to BDBJ, and later, kaffe,
> if
> > we implement JVMDI and friends based on BDBJ.
> Yes, this sounds extremely useful. But please note
> the following:
> + HotSwap has a different granularity - at least in
> the current version 
> of HotSwap, you can replace a single method of a
> class at once such that 
> all instances of a class are affected immediately.
> In Gilgul, you can 
> only affect one instance at a time. (It depends on
> the context what is 
> more useful - both approaches have their advantages
> and disadvantages.)

The way I understand that is that gilgul operates on
single instances, while HotSwap operates on all,
right? So Gilgul could be extended to apply to all
instances if there is some way to enumerate all

How do HotSwap and Gilgul affect subclasses? If I
replaced an/all java.io.Reader instances with
java.io.MyOwnReader, shouldn't that affect
BufferedReader instances as well, changing their
object hierarchies?

> Maybe a combination of Gilgul and Guarana could be
> useful in order to 
> replace metaobjects at runtime?!?

Alexandre, what do you think?

> The Gilgul compiler is based on the original Java
> compiler by Sun. I 
> don't know the reason why it doesn't work on kaffe -
> I guess there are 
> some libraries missing. This wasn't important to us
> yet.

O.K. That explains the licensing, too ;)

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