[kaffe] Where can I find Biss-AWT?

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at web.de
Sat Apr 12 11:45:02 PDT 2003

Hi there!

>Biss AWT has died long ago. You can get whatever is left at
>http://www.kaffe.org/ftp/pub/packages/biss-awt/ or you could ask on their
>mailing list on the biss awt homepage if there is anything more up to date.
>The authors joined Transvirtual and wrote kaffe's AWT, as far as I know.
Interresting and sad too (Not for Kaffe...) ...

>dalibor topic
>p.s. how's your Swing implementation coming along?
I'm still thinking....I think thats the difference between three groups 
of programmers:

The first is developing without end stupid stuff, the other group only 
thinks how to make whise decisions. At the end there are programmers who 
make whise descisions very fast and implement them in a good way....
I think a programmer steps through these three groups, not everybody is 
reaching group three (Many fall back to the first group). ;-)
The problem is, that its not possible to make a native swing 100% 
compatibel, I think it was possible for apple because they emulate a lot 
stuff, they only have one LNF.
If you could change the LNF, it wouldnt be hard to find many part which 
are emulated. This isnt possible for GTK or QT...
So its a descision between speed and compatibility. I know for kaffe it 
would be more useful to have a 100% compatible swing or at least an 
implementation which would allow to extend it to be compatible.
The problems are not the base functions of the widgets, most problems I 
have with the layout stuff.
A GTK2-button isnt a Container, and never will be one, who in gods name 
designed this stupid hirachy....

And because of biss-awt I thought it would make sence to extend it so 
that it would have swing equivalten features...
It has the advantage that it can also run on top of a windows-jvm 
without the need of native stuff....
Its internal design is much faster and it doesnt have to go through 
motif to draw anything.
But know I've heard its not maintained any longer :-(
It would be interresting to see how well biss-awt works, e.g. to build a 
VERY big test app, and then test the behaviour of all the widgets 

I'm sorry for for not beeing more productive....

Lets have a look how all the things will develop in the future ;-)

Cheers Clemens

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