[kaffe] proper java.version system property?

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Thu Apr 17 04:13:01 PDT 2003

Hi Seth,

--- Seth Ladd <seth at brivo.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've just started using kaffe w/ Jena [1], which uses ICU4...
> uses a System property 'java.version' [3], but kaffe doesn...
> setting it.
> What should it be set to?  I could try just '1.3' or something, but
> wanted to know if there is a sanctioned kaffe value.  I assume I can
> just set it in the kaffe startup script?

Actually, kaffe sets java.version to kaffe's own version number, which is 
1.1.x-cvs for the CVS tree at the moment. There is no official number, AFAIK,
as kaffe's coverage of JDK APIs is not very uniform, i.e. some APIs are
implemented up to JDK 1.4, some are at 1.1. 

So you should pick a java.version that suits your job.

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