[kaffe] proper java.version system property?

Seth Ladd seth at brivo.net
Thu Apr 17 06:06:01 PDT 2003

> Actually, kaffe sets java.version to kaffe's own version number, which is 
> 1.1.x-cvs for the CVS tree at the moment. There is no official number, AFAIK,
> as kaffe's coverage of JDK APIs is not very uniform, i.e. some APIs are
> implemented up to JDK 1.4, some are at 1.1. 
> So you should pick a java.version that suits your job.

Thanks!  I ended up just setting it to 1.3, and that worked.  It looked 
like ICU4J was assuming the java.version is something that can be 
rendered as a number.

Still trying to get JSSE working, though. :(

I appreciate the help!

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