[kaffe] Minimum requirement for installation on NetBSD

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Thu Apr 24 04:41:01 PDT 2003

Hi Kiyo,

--- Kiyo Inaba <inaba at src.ricoh.co.jp> wrote:
> I's now trying to (re-) install kaffe (I am now using Apr/16's
> snap from CVS) on i686-NetBSD-1.6. I install netbsd without
> installing any extra software, and then install gnu-make
> (because README tells it is the MUST).

As long as 'make dist' and 'make distcheck' have problems, we can't easily
churn out snapshots that are digestable by make programs other than gmake,
AFAIK. Now that a new automake and a new libtool release are out, I intend to
spend some time on the weekend upgrading kaffe's build system to it, and fixing
the make dist/check problems.

> Then, configure, and gmake generated several problems.
> 1) Since I don't have 'zip' on this machine, this process
>    tries to use 'kaffe.tools.jar.Jar'. I agree it is clever
>    idea if once you can find Jar program written in java.
>    But the fact is:
>    braries/clib/zip/ ../../kaffe/kaffe/kaffe-bin kaffe.tools.jar.Jar -cvf
> rt.jar -C
>     lib gnu java javax kaffe org
>    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: kaffe/tools/jar/Jar
> 2) I am not so sure whether this realtes to the above or not,
>    but at least libraries/javalib/lib/kaffe/io etc are not
>    created when needed. If needed I can attach make log for
>    this but this time I just send its behavior.
> Any ideas?

I suspect that there is some problem compiling the class libraries. I assume
that libraries/javalib/lib/kaffe/jar is empty, too. I think some class couldn't
be compiled, and kjc reported the errorm, but it got drowned out in the line

The line responsible for compilation of class library's profiles in
libraries/javalib/Makefile.am is:
        for i in `cat $(srcdir)/profiles/$(PROFILE)/profile` ;  do $(SHELL)
$(rebuildLib) @profiles/$(PROFILE)/$$i ; done

and it doesn't do any error checking to see whether the rebuildLib command
succeeded. So even if a compilation fails, it will continue to happily compile
the rest, which is not desirable.

In short, try to log the output of make, and check for suspicious messages
during the class library compilation phase.

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