[kaffe] Kaffe JIT on Alpha

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 24 12:40:01 PDT 2003

hi Kapil,

--- Kapil Vaswani <kapil at csa.iisc.ernet.in> wrote:
> Hi Dalibor,
> Thanks for the prompt reply. I am trying to compile the latest kaffe 
> version from CVS configured using "--with-staticlib --with-staticvm 
> --without-x --without-awt --enable-debug --enable-ltdl-convenience" on 
> an alpha osf1. I had to patch external.c (line 269) for the build to go 
> proceed.
>                                 snprintf (errbuf, errsiz, "%s: not found",
>                                           last_sep==NULL?path:last_sep+1);
> #else
>                                 /* possible buffer overflow problem */
>                                 if(errbuf != 0)
>                                     sprintf (errbuf, "%s: not found",
>                                           last_sep==NULL?path:last_sep+1);
> #endif

thanks, I've checked it in.

> I also had to comment out the use of inet_ntop function in 
> clib/net/NetworkInterface.c, since that function wasnt available either.

I'm waiting for Tim to check in his pure java dns patch, before I can ask you
to retry ;)

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