[kaffe] Kaffe as the main JVM

jerome moliere jmoliere at nerim.net
Tue Aug 12 07:03:01 PDT 2003

Hi all,
I know kaffe for a while, but I'm about delivering a report for a huge 
french institution seraching for a lightt JVM enough to be linked from
their website & able to launch their applets. Code is Java 1.1 (awt, 
.net, .io) so kaffe could make the stuff...
But what about the process of running kaffe without the cygwin stuff ?
Because I can't ask customers to download & install the cygwin package..
So is it possible to compile the kaffe code against the native MFC code 
(Win32 API)...
I guess that the answer is no but I must be sure....
If not, it means that there's no way to deliver an open source JVM on 
the windows desktop (for non developers :))

Best regards

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