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Tue Aug 12 08:13:02 PDT 2003

Salut Jerome,

jerome moliere wrote:
> Hi all,
> I know kaffe for a while, but I'm about delivering a report for a huge 
> french institution seraching for a lightt JVM enough to be linked from
> their website & able to launch their applets. Code is Java 1.1 (awt, 
> .net, .io) so kaffe could make the stuff...

If an appletviewer is all you need, then that's possible. Kaffe hasn't 
been really intergrated into a web browser yet, though. There are some 
(old) patches for a Mozilla plugin, but the status is unknown.

> But what about the process of running kaffe without the cygwin stuff ?
> Because I can't ask customers to download & install the cygwin package..
> So is it possible to compile the kaffe code against the native MFC code 
> (Win32 API)...

Not kaffe.org code, as the KaffeCE port of kaffe to Win32, WinCE and 
WinNT hasn't been merged in yet. But any help (especially in form of 
windows developers interested in doing the merge) would be highly 
appreciated. See http://www.rainer-keuchel.de/wince/kaffe.html for more 
information on the particular port.

> I guess that the answer is no but I must be sure....
> If not, it means that there's no way to deliver an open source JVM on 
> the windows desktop (for non developers :))

maybe gcj would be an alternative, AFAIK they can build on mingw. There 
also unmerged kaffe patches for mingw and win32 in the pocketlinux tree.

The short answer is: it doesn;t work out of the box, but it could be 
made to work with some work, apparently. It would be great if you could 
contribute that missing bit.

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