[kaffe] Kaffe as the main JVM

jerome moliere jmoliere at nerim.net
Tue Aug 12 09:15:03 PDT 2003

Dalibor Topic wrote:

> Salut Jerome,

fluent in french :)

> jerome moliere wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I know kaffe for a while, but I'm about delivering a report for a 
>> huge french institution seraching for a lightt JVM enough to be 
>> linked from
>> their website & able to launch their applets. Code is Java 1.1 (awt, 
>> .net, .io) so kaffe could make the stuff...
> If an appletviewer is all you need, then that's possible. Kaffe hasn't 
> been really intergrated into a web browser yet, though. There are some 
> (old) patches for a Mozilla plugin, but the status is unknown.

in short yes :)
I'd like to be able to use an open source project, light one rather to 
argue with Sun about how to change their installation software for their 
old JRE (1.1.8)

>> But what about the process of running kaffe without the cygwin stuff ?
>> Because I can't ask customers to download & install the cygwin package..
>> So is it possible to compile the kaffe code against the native MFC 
>> code (Win32 API)...
> Not kaffe.org code, as the KaffeCE port of kaffe to Win32, WinCE and 
> WinNT hasn't been merged in yet. But any help (especially in form of 
> windows developers interested in doing the merge) would be highly 
> appreciated. See http://www.rainer-keuchel.de/wince/kaffe.html for 
> more information on the particular port.

your answer points out my doubts because I saw code from the KaffeCE , 
but I'm not in touch with the project to be able to say that 's the 
version I need,
moreover  I never ran this version (I don't have Windows CE friendly 

>> I guess that the answer is no but I must be sure....
>> If not, it means that there's no way to deliver an open source JVM on 
>> the windows desktop (for non developers :))
> maybe gcj would be an alternative, AFAIK they can build on mingw. 
> There also unmerged kaffe patches for mingw and win32 in the 
> pocketlinux tree.
> The short answer is: it doesn;t work out of the box, but it could be 
> made to work with some work, apparently. It would be great if you 
> could contribute that missing bit.
This sounds to be a challenge, I 'll try to send this work to my customer :)
This could be great for the project to be available on a  platform like 

Thanks for the so quick answer



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