[GNU Crypto] Re: [kaffe] missing features needed for HSQLDB 1.7.2

Casey Marshall rsdio at metastatic.org
Tue Aug 12 23:59:01 PDT 2003

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On Tue, Aug 12, 2003 at 02:27:22PM +0200, Dalibor Topic wrote:

> Ito Kazumitsu wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I am trying to build the CVS version of hsqldb with kaffe
> >and have found that the following JDK 1.4 features are missing:
> >
> >javax.security.cert.*
> >javax.net.ssl.*
> >
> >   These are also missing in GNU Classpath.  I am afraid
> >   it is a long way before we can use these.
> javax.security.cert.* shouldn't be that hard to implement. It's 
> basically two mostly abstract classes plus a handful of exceptions. And 
> it's been deprecated from the start: "New applications should not use 
> this package, but rather java.security.cert." ;)
> javax.net.ssl.* is a different beast altogether. I'm afraid that there 
> is no free software implementation of this API, but I hope the Gnu 
> Crypto developers may know more. So I've cc:ed them in this mail.

Your wish is my command ;)

I have been working on this very package, right now called Jessie:
<http://metastatic.org/source/jessie/>. The status now is that the
javax.net.ssl classes are implemented and may be complete, but the
actual SSL implementations have only just begun.

The code is targeted at Classpath (it requires classes in the
gnu.java.security package) and will likely use GNU Crypto for its crypto
algs (in which case it will have to wait until we get RSA and DH).


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