[kaffe] GNU classpath and AWT

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Wed Aug 13 22:04:02 PDT 2003

On Thu, 14 Aug 2003 00:47:09 +0100 (BST)
James Simmons <jsimmons at infradead.org> wrote:

>    Is anyone working on porting the rest of GNU classpath relating to AWT
> into kaffe. If not I like to port some of the stuff over. Eventually I 
> like to implement a truffle for kaffe. 

Hi James!  (James used to work at Transvirtual with me)

I'm not aware of anybody working on porting the Classpath AWT, although
I think Dalibor is quite active in moving the other parts of Classpath
into Kaffe.  We've already got several AWTs (X11, Qt, Win32), so another
one is always welcome, I think.  I really haven't played with Kaffe's
AWTs much yet.

It would also be sort of cool to merge in some of TVT's AWT stuff (eg.
the framebuffer stuff), plus there are quite a few other free AWT type
of things out there.


 - Jim

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