[kaffe] CVS kaffe (guilhem): Classpath's IO/net subsystem merging + fixes.

Guilhem Lavaux guilhem at kaffe.org
Sat Aug 30 11:06:02 PDT 2003

Jim Pick wrote:

>On Sat, 30 Aug 2003 07:20:57 -0700
>Kaffe CVS <cvs-commits at kaffe.org> wrote:
>>PatchSet 3996 
>>Date: 2003/08/30 14:18:17
>>Author: guilhem
>>Branch: HEAD
>>Tag: (none) 
>>Classpath's IO/net subsystem merging + fixes.
>Nice work!  That's going to help me out a lot.
>I compiled it 4 times, and I found some possible regressions
>(x86/Linux/defaults), all intermittent:
>* GCTest.java - I had 2 failures in 4 runs of "make check"
>* NetworkInterfaceTest.java - I had 1 failure in 4 runs of "make check"
Not happening here but I'll analyze the problem.

>I also had one build abort with this while trying to build the class
>libraries with kjc:
>  Internal error: caught an unexpected exception.
>  Please check your CLASSPATH and your installation.
>  java/lang/NullPointerException
Strangely enough I am not able to build library with KJC when I am using 
a build directory. But when I
am building from the source tree it's fine. But concerning the 
NullPointerException I must have some more
informations. There may still be some unaffected pointers because of the 
slight differences between kaffe and

>Again, this appears to be intermittent, so it might have been occurring
>before, and I just didn't catch it.  One of my four "make check" runs
>passed all the tests.
>I also set up Mauve yesterday so I could catch regressions.  These tests
>worked yesterday, but not with this checkin:
>* FAIL: gnu.testlet.java.io.DataInputStream.ReadReference2: Reading DataInputStream (2) (number 1)
>* FAIL: gnu.testlet.java.io.DataOutputStream.WriteRead2: Reading DataInputStream (2) (number 1)
>* gnu.testlet.java.util.zip.GZIPInputStream.basic hangs forever
I didn't check mauve yet. I kept Kaffe's DataInputStream because the one 
from classpath had some more problems. The next step
is to introduce classes one by one and fixes their bugs.

>Please accept my apologies if they've been fixed in the next checkin.  I
>didn't sync up to that yet.
No problem.


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