[kaffe] make test returns quite a few errors for ia64

Adam Parrish waparris at ncsu.edu
Wed Dec 3 08:10:02 PST 2003


I am about to allow my users access to the Kaffe Java environment soon,
but after running make test a good many of the tests fail. I can do very
simple java tasks like string manipulation, but many of the math classes
do not pass. Is this purely because it is running on 64 bit architecture
or because something is unimplemented to do the correct calculations? 

The error I had previously on the list was that libgmp3-dev needed to be
installed before Kaffe. Is there anything else that anyone knows of that
should be installed beforehand. 

Thanks in advance for any help!

Adam Parrish
Asst. Linux Administrator
ECE Dept, North Carolina State University
Office: 919.515.0124

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