[kaffe] make test returns quite a few errors for ia64

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Thu Dec 4 07:54:02 PST 2003

Hi Adam,

Adam Parrish wrote:
> Kaffe'rs
> I am about to allow my users access to the Kaffe Java environment soon,
> but after running make test a good many of the tests fail. I can do very
> simple java tasks like string manipulation, but many of the math classes
> do not pass. Is this purely because it is running on 64 bit architecture
> or because something is unimplemented to do the correct calculations? 

Basically, there is a lot of regression tests that fail on ia64, and I'd 
appreciate if someone with access to an ia64 box could try figuring out 
what's going wrong. Gwenole Beauchesne might also have patches for ia64 
in his mandrake packages of kaffe that haven't been merged in.

For the brave souls, there is also a JIT for ia64 that waits for someone 
to merge it in.

It all comes down to have more developers on that platform. Feel free to 
send patches, if you're not tainted i.e. haven't looked at Sun's 
sources, decompiled their stuff, etc. ;)

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