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Stuart Ballard stuart.ballard at corp.fast.net
Thu Dec 4 11:52:02 PST 2003

Mark Wielaard wrote:
> Mainly about whether or not to promote and advertise non-free software.
> As you probably know the FSF and the GNU project have a very strong
> opinion about that. Debian takes the approach that offering and
> supporting a non-free package archive isn't a real problem. Some people
> disagree. (Just compare the very poor support for most of the free
> software packages written in the java-language to work out of the box
> with free VMs compared to other distributions who strongly supports only
> using Free Software. e.g. Red Hat with rhug, naoko and native-eclipse.)

There's that issue (on which I agree with the FSF) but there's also a 
major disagreement (on which I agree with Debian) about the GNU Free 
Documentation License, which doesn't meet Debian's guidelines for free 
licenses. I'm not sure of the FSF's exact position on this, but it's 
either "Debian are wrong and the GFDL *does* meet their guidelines" or 
"Debian's guidelines are too strict and should be modified so that the 
GFDL can meet them". Debian's position is that the GFDL really does have 
major problems and the guidelines are doing their job by refusing it.


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