[kaffe] tomcat not working on kaffe interpreter

kalyan ram ckalyan76 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 6 14:49:08 PST 2003

  I am using kaffe-1.1.2 and tomcat-4.1.29.I am trying
to run tomcat on kaffe "interpreter" .I started it as
./catalina.sh run.Tomcat is starting and in the
browser when i type http://localhost:8080 - I get the
following message after sometime:
An error occured while loading http://localhost:8080
Timeout on server
If I repeatedly restart browser and type
http://localhost:8080, I get the following message:
An error occured while loading http://localhost:8080
Connection to localhost broken

At the tomcat console:
kaffe-bin: lookup.c:getMethodSignatureClass:Assertion
'class->state >= CSTATE_DOING_LINK' failed

Please help me in running tomcat on kaffe interpreter.


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