[kaffe] Re: Kaffe 1.1.3 "Development" Release

Tony Wyatt wyattaw at optushome.com.au
Sun Dec 7 20:00:03 PST 2003

Hi Jim,

On  8/12/2003, you wrote:

> Any suggestions on what to say?  I sort of want to tell people that the
> 1.1.x releases are probably going to be better than the 1.0.7 release,
> but they haven't gone throught the testing that should go into a
> production release. 
Why not say just that? eg, "This is the next in the 1.1.x series of releases.
Although not as fully tested as the 1.0.7 release, it is much more
functional and complete than 1.0.7."

As to the development and testing that precedes the 1.2.0 release, I'd be inclined to rule off the feature list at the 1.1.4 stage in the new year (no more enhancements after that). From then until 1.2.0, it's bugs only.
And I'd like to see more than a couple of weeks of testing.


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