[kaffe] Jar files in 1.1.3?

Mason Loring Bliss mason at acheron.middleboro.ma.us
Tue Dec 9 21:17:02 PST 2003

Hey, all.

In trying to make a simple Jar file, I get this:

jar cmf wheretostart.txt helloworld.jar helloworld.class
java.util.jar.JarException: Attributes cannot be called 'Name'
   at java.util.jar.Manifest.write_attribute_entry (Manifest.java:404)
   at java.util.jar.Manifest.write_entry_attributes (Manifest.java:436)
   at java.util.jar.Manifest.write_individual_sections (Manifest.java:424)
   at java.util.jar.Manifest.write (Manifest.java:325)
   at java.util.jar.JarOutputStream.writeManifest (JarOutputStream.java:98)
   at java.util.jar.JarOutputStream.<init> (JarOutputStream.java:81)
   at kaffe.tools.jar.Jar.createJar (Jar.java:1088)
   at kaffe.tools.jar.Jar.processJar (Jar.java:404)
   at kaffe.tools.jar.Jar.start (Jar.java:64)
   at kaffe.tools.jar.Jar.main (Jar.java:43)
*** Error code 2


There is no occurance of 'Name' anywhere in my source or Makefile. Also,
this operation works fine with Sun's JDK. I'm running Kaffe 1.1.3 under
NetBSD 1.6.2_RC3.

It's no big deal for me. I'm just wondering if other folks have
successfully made functional .jar files with the supplied tools.

Thanks in advance for clues!

  Mason Loring Bliss   mason at acheron.middleboro.ma.us  I m m a n e n t i z e
awake ? sleep : dream;    https://bliss.dyndns.org/    t h e E s c h a t o n
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