[kaffe] A request for info. on a 64-bit JVM (preferably for AMD) architecture for Linux

Dalibor Topic robilad at kaffe.org
Wed Dec 10 03:05:03 PST 2003

Hi Aziz,

Khawaja, Aziz wrote:
> Hello team,
> I work for CBOE in Chicago. We are, thesedays, testing JDKs from all the vendors for our RedHat 64-bit linux OS. We have an Opteron (AMD64) hardware with RedHat AMD64 OS version running. I am looking for a beta/production JVM that can run on this hardware in 64-bit mode. Does Kaffe have a version (beta/devel/anything) available for me to test?

Kaffe has been ported to x86_64 (or amd64, if you want to call it that 
way, there seems to be some confusion about the 'right' handle for the 
arhitecture) by Gwenole Beauchesne from MandrakeSoft.

It should run happily in interpreter mode. It doesn't have a jit yet on 
that architecture. It would be great, if someone could write take up the 
task of writing a jitter for it/making kaffe's jitters work. I don't 
know how much work ith would be, as I'm not really familiar with the 
intel/amd 64 bit architectures.

As we don't distribute binaries, the best way to evaluate kaffe on your 
platform is to download kaffe 1.1.3 (the latest & greatest development 
release) sources [1], and build it on your platform. It would be very 
nice if you could send me build logs & make check results, if you do 
that, so that I can try fixing compiler warnings ;)

All bug reports are welcome, patches even more so, they should all go to 
this mailing list.

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