[kaffe] New mailing list - kaffe-siteadmin

Jim Pick jim at kaffe.org
Mon Dec 15 05:48:03 PST 2003

[Reply-To: kaffe-siteadmin at kaffe.org]


I set up a new mailing list - kaffe-siteadmin at kaffe.org, which is to be
used for discussion site/project administrivia.

It's a public mailing list, anybody can join, but primarily it will only
be interesting to people that want to help out with the site.

I'm hoping to do quite a bit of work on the server in the future, so it
will be good to have a list where I can communicate and coordinate
directly with the people using it.

I've signed up the people that already have user accounts on the server
and/or CVS commit access, since they should be aware of what's going on.

The new list is not meant to be used for "core team" discussions or
anything like that.  I don't really like the concept of a cabal of
developers making decisions in isolation from the other contributors and
the users.  So please keep the technical discussions on the main
kaffe at kaffe.org list!

Also, there's suddenly been a lot of interest from people in the
sponsorship program.  It looks like there will be some contention for
the spots, so somebody will have to decide which sponsors we will
accept.  I'd like to keep the program low-key, and non-controversial, so
I'd like to use the new list to discuss sponsorship candidates before we
accept their sponsorships.

Hopefully, the new list will enable us to keep the signal-to-noise ratio
on the main list within reasonable limits.


 - Jim

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