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Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 3 09:03:02 PST 2003

Hallo Michael,

--- Michael Franz <mvfranz at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> What is the status of this port?  In the
> documentation
> I have found, it says that it compiles, but does not
> run.  Is this still the case?

It hasn't seen much work in the kaffe tree. The
RELEASE-NOTES from 1.0.7 says:
* PowerPC / Mac OS X

  Tested Version: 1.0.7 (Final)
  Configuration: --with-engine=intrp --with-staticlib
                 --with-staticbin --with-staticvm
  OS Version: 10.1
  Hardware: Apple iBook 500Mhz
  Compiled with: Apple Computer, Inc. version
gcc-934.3, based on
                 gcc version 2.95.2
  Results: Compiles, 6 of 114 tests failed.
  Reported by: Jim Pick

  Tested Version: 1.0.7 (Final)
  Configuration: Default (intrp)
  OS Version: 10.1
  Compiled with: Apple Computer, Inc. version
gcc-934.3, based on
                 gcc version 2.95.2
  Results: Compiles, 112 of 115 tests failed.
           (actually, I suspect that the 3 that passed
are false positives,
            I need to check the regression testing
  Reported by: Jim Pick

I don't know the status of the current version from
CVS, but it would be interesting to hear about it if
you have some time to check if it works.

> I have got it to compile on Darwin 5.x/x86 but not
> Darwin 5.x/ppc.  When running a class the following
> error happens:
> Dumping live threads:
> `main' tid 0x71a040, status SUSPENDED flags
>  blocked at 0x757b40 (0x71a040->|) 
> Deadlock: all threads blocked on internal events
> Abort

First, what version are you running? What engine
(intrp, jit, jit3)? Is that on Darwin/i386? So you
ported kaffe to Darwin/i386, right? Could you post the
patches, please? ;)

Then, could you post the result of make check ? Do all
the regression tests fail in the same way?

> I have not experience with Kaffe and thus do not
> know
> if this is a simple fix or requires a lot of
> research
> to even understand what this means.

It probably means that there is a deadlock on the main
thread. You should configure kaffe with debugging
support enabled, read FAQ/FAQ.debugging and post a
stack trace. Preferably, you should configure it to
use the interpreter engine and post the backtrace from

> I would like to get this to work, but I have limited
> time and need pointers as to what to look at or
> where.

The JanosVM 0.8.0 includes some fixes for
powerpc-darwin and a jit3 port. You should get in
touch with Tim Stack in order to see what needs to be
done to merge that code with the kaffe.org tree. See
for more information.

best regards,
dalibor topic

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