[kaffe] Kaffe and Mac OS X

Michael Franz mvfranz at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 3 16:05:02 PST 2003

> First, what version are you running? What engine
> (intrp, jit, jit3)? Is that on Darwin/i386? So you
> ported kaffe to Darwin/i386, right? Could you post
> the
> patches, please? ;)
I am using 1.0.7.  I didn't do anything special, so I
am not sure ab out intrp/jit/jit3.  I compiled for
Darwin/x86 and for Mac OS X 10.2 (had to use the old
compiler - too many problems with kaffe source for

I can send the patches, just a sub-directory for the
OS and CPU - these might be the problem.  I am also
going to upgrade to Jikes 1.17 - darwin has 1.15 which
does not work with kaffe.

> Then, could you post the result of make check ? Do
> all
> the regression tests fail in the same way?
The test all fail on Darwin 5.x /x86, three say they
pass, but I don't think so, since kaffe does not run.
Darwin 6.x/ppc has 12 of 114 fail.  Probably accurate.

> It probably means that there is a deadlock on the
> main
> thread. You should configure kaffe with debugging
> support enabled, read FAQ/FAQ.debugging and post a
> stack trace. Preferably, you should configure it to
> use the interpreter engine and post the backtrace
> from
> btInt.
> > I would like to get this to work, but I have
> limited
> > time and need pointers as to what to look at or
> > where.

I am more interested in the intel version, OS X has a

> best regards,
> dalibor topic


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