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Thu Feb 6 02:56:01 PST 2003

Hi Rob, hi Tim

--- gonzo <Robert.N.Gonzalez at williams.edu> wrote:
> Hi all.
> in code-analyze.[ch], the methods are currently
> entitles "verifyMethod",
> "verifyBasicBlock", "tidyVerifyMethod", etc., and
> these are called from
> intrp/machine.c, jit/machine.c, and jit3/machine.c
> to perform code
> analysis before compilation (from intrp i think they
> are actually expected
> to verify the soundness of the bytecode, which will
> be totally unecessary
> once a full link-time verifier is added).  the
> methods that are called for
> actual link-time verification are verify2 and
> verify3 in verify.c.
> to avoid confusing the compiler, in my working copy
> of kaffe i've renamed
> the methods in code-analyze.[ch] analyzeMethod,
> analyzeBasicBlock, etc.,
> and every time i upgrade to a newer version of CVS i
> have to patch the
> names.

Sounds o.k. to me to rename the methods if they don't
perform verification at all. But before I check it in,
I'd like to see class-analyze.[ch] from JanosVM merged
into the kaffe CVS tree.

There are two main diffs:
CIF_* stuff, which is used in jit3 and powerpc jit
and memory management changes, i.e. moving from
KMALLOC to gc_malloc.

Tim, should I merge it in as it is, and pull the jit3
changes in as well, plus the powerpc jitter, or leave
the memory management stuff out, etc.?

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