[kaffe] ANN: JanosVM with JSR-121 Java Isolates (Release 1.0)

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Thu Feb 13 22:12:02 PST 2003

			    JanosVM v1.0

The University of Utah's Flux Research Group announces a new release
of the JanosVM, v1.0.  This release includes the first publically
available prototype of an emerging part of the Java standard,
JSR-121 (Isolates), which provides an API for reliably controlling
separate computational entities.  This release also include a basic
web server that uses Isolates, lazier class loading, stricter class
file checking, stack overflow detection using guard pages, run-time
access checking, a resync with the current CVS version of Kaffe, tests
for class file integrity, chroot()'ing for teams, and the usual bug fixes.

The Janos Virtual Machine (JanosVM) is an Open Source virtual machine
for executing Java bytecodes.  Unlike almost all virtual machines,
the JanosVM supports multiple, separate process-like entities within a
single VM, without reliance on any underlying OS or hardware support
for such separation.  The JanosVM supports asynchronous termination of
uncooperative, buggy, or malicious Java applications.

The JanosVM exposes the primitives needed to build a multi-process
JVM, allowing users of the JanosVM to build their own customized
Java-oriented operating systems.  The JanosVM does not provide a
complete environment for running untrusted user code.  Rather, it
provides clean and efficient building blocks for building robust
Java-based OS's, such as may be needed by embedded systems, PDAs,
servlet environments, peer-to-peer platforms, or active networks.

The JanosVM is free software, developed from our KaffeOS [1] which itself
is based on Kaffe, a GPL'd highly portable Java virtual machine [2].

Download documentation, papers, and the latest version at:

Please send bugs, questions or comments to:
	janos-discuss at flux.cs.utah.edu

[1] KaffeOS: http://www.cs.utah.edu/flux/papers/kaffeos-osdi00-base.html
[2] Kaffe: http://www.kaffe.org/

* Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
* Kaffe is a registered trademark of Transvirtual Technologies, Inc.

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