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Thu Feb 20 05:36:02 PST 2003

hi Calvin,

--- calvin kaiwen <cal_kaiwen at hotmail.com> wrote:

> At Step 2: Internal Threads.
> Will this step help me with solving my 'thread not
> reuse' problem?

maybe ;) probably not, though. As Tim said, the
problem is that "Kaffe won't run the gc/finalizer if
the process runs out of file descriptors.", so it
looks like a gc-vs-threading bug to me.

One way to go after this bug would be to add some
special case handling code in wherever the exception
gets dispatched to run the gc/finalizer when the
process runs out of file descriptors and then retry
the file operation. Read FAQ/FAQ.debuging for a start
on how to go about finding where the action happens in
order to find out what could be a likely target for
your patch.

you could also try using some other threading
implementation. ./configure --help should show a
--with-threads option. you can pick one of the options
under kaffe/kaffevm/systems. Kaffe should use internal
threads (unix-jthreads) by default, btw.

dalibor topic

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