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Fri Feb 21 01:22:01 PST 2003

Hi Aidan,

--- Aidan Delaney <adelaney at cs.may.ie> wrote:

> > I guess my explanation was a little brief, and I
> liked
> > your explanation of what cross compiling is. Would
> you
> >  like to write a FAQ.cross-compiling on how to
> cross
> > compile kaffe for use on a different platform? I'd
> > expect that to be not as trivial as './configure;
> > make; make install'  and people new to kaffe and
> > embedded developement would definitiely benefit
> from
> > it.
> Will do, but I've never cross-compiled kaffe.  Looks
> like it's time to learn 
> new stuff :)

If you don't feel like installing a cross compiler
chain yourself: HP's TestCenter has a cross compiler
for arm-linux on their alphas, so you can
cross-compile on the alphas and test on the ipaqs.

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