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Aidan Delaney adelaney at cs.may.ie
Fri Feb 21 01:10:01 PST 2003

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> > Hey Zhu,
> >
> > > Then I assume you should
> > > cross compile and move the resulting files to the
> > > board.
> >
> > I am assuming that you are new to embedded systems
> > as people who aren't rarely
> > grab rpm's, so a little explaination of what
> > cross-compiling is:
> No worries, I know what cross compiling is (despite
> that I haven't tried to cross compile kaffe yet) ;)
Sorry, I ment to post it to the mailing list (I just hit the reply button)

> I guess my explanation was a little brief, and I liked
> your explanation of what cross compiling is. Would you
>  like to write a FAQ.cross-compiling on how to cross
> compile kaffe for use on a different platform? I'd
> expect that to be not as trivial as './configure;
> make; make install'  and people new to kaffe and
> embedded developement would definitiely benefit from
> it.
Will do, but I've never cross-compiled kaffe.  Looks like it's time to learn 
new stuff :)

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