[kaffe] Thread handling in Kaffe

Dalibor Topic robilad at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 26 01:20:01 PST 2003

hi Tim, hi Calvin,

--- Timothy Stack <stack at cs.utah.edu> wrote: 

> Try Changing the destroy method in
> libraries/javalib/kaffe/lang/UNIXProcess.java to
> look like this:
> public void destroy() {
> 	sendSignal(getKillSignal());
> 	raw_stdout.close();
> 	raw_stderr.close();
> 	stdin_stream.close();
> }

thanks, I've checked it in. 

I've also attached a test case, that shows the
'dangling <defuncts>' behaviour. The defuncts go away
when I Ctrl-C out of kaffe (which lets me run between
700-1000 processes before forkAndExec fails), since
kaffe hangs. So does JDK 1.4.1_01 on linux, with the
nasty side effect that the processes don't go away
when I Ctrl-C out of it. I have to manually remove
them. Ugh.

dalibor topic

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