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Fri Feb 21 08:29:01 PST 2003

Hi Matthew,

--- Matthew Toseland <toad at amphibian.dyndns.org>

> Thanks. Most Kaffe users will probably have bind
> installed locally, so
> it's no big deal. It would have been a problem if
> kaffe did cache
> lookups and did not provide a mechanism to change
> the timeout (Sun
> 1.4 caches lookups forever by default, but provides
> that parameter).

On the other hand, the API docs for 1.4 say that
addresses are cached, so we should eventually do it as
well ;) 

Since the property is set in java.security, and kaffe
doesn't have a policy file parser yet, we'd need to
get that written first. I'm not aware of any free
software code doing that (parsing security policy
files), but if it's there I'd like a pointer so I can
put my hands on it and merge it in ;)

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