[kaffe] port problem m68k-mint

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Tue Feb 25 02:28:01 PST 2003

Hallo Jens,

--- js712688 at mail.inf.tu-dresden.de wrote:

> > does it continue? I.e. do you get a Makefile after
> you
> > run ./configure, or not? In the first case, the
> errors
> > are probably irrelevant, in the second case, we'd
> have
> > to change the tests to something more compatible.
> No makefile, because configure tells me: "m68k-mint
> not
> supported".

Well, you'll need to apply the patch from MiNT for
kaffe 0.9.1 and see how far you get. Copy the
config/m68k/mint directory over to kaffe's config/m68k
directory, apply the patch and you're set. ;) I.e.
you're ready to start bringing the port back to life.

> Btw. configure said: no automake, but I have
> installed an
> automake under my mint.

I wouldn't bother for now, unless you need to make
changes to the build system. It's not causing the
above problem.

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