[kaffe] Re: script to update kaffe-1.0.7 to cvs libtool to allow cross-compiling

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Jan 2 20:04:52 PST 2003

I missed a few fixes that were already in kaffe CVS,
namely, automake-1.5 doesn't like ## comments
inside extended lines, and it doesn't like it
when you define your own check-TESTS: rule.
The attached patch completes (hopefully) my
script that updates kaffe-1.0.7 to new libtools.

It'd be nice if automake-1.5 detected these
formerly-acceptable-but-now-verboten constructs.
it took me quite a while to figure out what was wrong.
- Dan

----- part of the script I posted earlier, showing where to add the line ---
> # Unpack kaffe-1.0.7 tarball
> tar -xzvf kaffe-1.0.7.tar.gz
> # update to new autotools.  You should have latest autoconf and automake installed.
> # (yeah, should run aclocal, but we'll cheat here)
> cp libtool-installed/share/aclocal/libtool.m4 kaffe-1.0.7/acinclude.m4
> cd kaffe-1.0.7
>    ../libtool-installed/bin/libtoolize -c -f --ltdl
>    patch -p1 < ../../updatetools.patch
>    patch -p1 < ../../libltdl.patch

# make tests/regression/Makefile.am automake-1.5 compatible
patch -p1 < ../../fixmake.patch

>    sh developers/autogen.sh
> cd ..
> mv kaffe-1.0.7 kaffe-1.0.7-libtool1.4e
> tar -czvf kaffe-1.0.7-libtool1.4e.tar.gz kaffe-1.0.7-libtool1.4e


Dan Kegel
Linux User #78045

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