[kaffe] BCEL Verifier?

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Fri Jan 10 10:33:01 PST 2003

> > p.s. how is your verifier coming along?
> funny you should ask :)  after a good number of months of little work (i
> was taking a graphics class that required a pretty enormous amount of
> programming), i've finally started picking it up again this week.
> pass 2 of verification is mostly done.  the only major thing that still
> has to be done is to make sure that all field and method references in
> constant pool have valid names, classes, and type descriptors.  which
> brings me to one question: does the class loader currently do any of that?

Kaffe has some of this code (spread across verify.c, readClass.c, etc).
The as-yet-unreleased JanosVM has just about everything else (i think) and
a bunch of test cases (if you have jasmin/bcel installed).

> pass 3 (the big one with the data flow analysis) is mostly done.  i'm
> still not 100% sure that i'm allocating memory the best way.  at the
> moment, i call jthread_diable_stop, then use KALLOC to snag memory for the
> verifier, then do my verfication, then call KFREE followed by
> jthread_enable_stop at the end.  that sound OK to you?

yes, that should be fine.

> cheers,
> ~rob

tim stack

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