[kaffe] lots of extra error messages

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Fri Jan 10 14:44:02 PST 2003

> Do you know any site that has information on different revisions of
> the Java Class file format? I've browsed the JDK docs, but I
> couldn't find anything.

Yeah, I poked around a bit and couldn't find much either.  I did find
a JSR covering "JavaTM Class File Specification Update":

It seems a bit larger scope than simply the version numbers, but the
experts there may be able to point to a changelog of class version

Actually, there's a bit of text in the 1.4.1 changelog wrt to the
compiler (see the last entry in this section):

Looks 48.0 is just more assertion-related stuff.


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