[kaffe] Upgrading autotools requirements to a more recent version

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Fri Jan 24 08:48:01 PST 2003

> Hi,


> I'd like to do another round of asking who's using
> what version of auto* tools, and if upgrading kaffe to
> use the latest versions would be desirable or cause
> problems. See this thread for the last discussion of
> the issues involved:
> http://www.kaffe.org/pipermail/kaffe/2002-December/028418.html

When i sync'd janosvm with the current kaffe I updated to the latest auto* 
tools, it wasn't too hard to do.  My main complaint so far is that 
configure doesn't get run automatically after you run autogen.sh and 
the Makefiles don't regenerate themselves.  Other than that it was a 
pretty easy transition.

> best regards,
> dalibor topic


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