[kaffe] failed regression tests

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Tue Jul 1 06:58:01 PDT 2003

> Hi all,


> *************************************************************************
> KaffeInternal.java:
> *************************************************************************
> /* Expected Output:
> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: kaffe/lang/ThreadStack
> */
> what i got:
> java.lang.SecurityException: Prohibited package: kaffe/lang/ThreadStack
> I believe that what I got is the expected behavior, only that between the
> writing of the regression test and now the exception thrown for a class
> attempting to access something that it should not be accessing has
> changed.  perhaps the expected output of the regression test should be
> updated?

The NoClassDefFoundError is correct, I think.  The SecurityException is 
because a non-primordial class loader has found the class file and is 
trying to define the class.  However, the class file should only be in the 
boot class path and not the regular class path.  So, you should make sure 
that rt.jar is not in CLASSPATH.

Also, the current CVS version doesn't work for me at all:

error compiling:
java.lang.VerifyError: final method "printArgs" declared in class 
"at/dms/kjc/CReferenceType" is overriden in class 
        at at.dms.kjc.KjcTypeFactory.<init>(KjcTypeFactory.java:51)
        at at.dms.kjc.Main.createEnvironment(Main.java:235)
        at at.dms.kjc.Main.run(Main.java:116)
        at at.dms.kjc.Main.compile(Main.java:69)
        at at.dms.kjc.Main.main(Main.java:60)
FAIL: HelloWorldApp.java

> Rob


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