[kaffe] Kaffe Architecture Documentation

Rob Gonzalez rgonzale at wso.williams.edu
Tue Jul 1 09:32:01 PDT 2003

Hi Gerlando,

As someone who recently finished an undergraduate thesis involving
modifications to kaffe, I think such a document would be greatly
appreciated by anyone thinking about using the project for their work (and
anyone interested in jumping in to help out!).  The document would be most
useful if it would refer to specific FAQ's when appropriate or to specific
files and snippets of code.

As an example of such a work, the Jikes RVM people have some serious
documentation around about their project.  Actually, the two major reasons
I went with kaffe over the Jikes RVM for my work, despite the better
documentation of Jikes RVM, were the people on this list (who were _much_
more helpful in answering my initial questions) and the fact that kaffe
was GPL'd (I don't know how I feel about the IBM Open Source License).

LaTex is great, of course, and if you're including it in your thesis
that's probably the way you'd have to go.  But standard HTML docs might be
more user-friendly and would make it easier for others to contribute to
the document later on.  Maybe you could write it originally in LaTex for
your thesis export it as HTML for others to use, or vice versa.

Either way, it would definitely be a cool thing to have around.  kaffe is
an intimidating project for newbies to tackle without a good road map.


On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, Gerlando Falauto wrote:

> Hi folks,
> has there been an effort to write some organic documentation about the
> Kaffe Architecture? Something a newbie could read to get an idea of what
> kaffe's made of and how it works? 
> I was thinking of writing such a document and including it as a chapter of 
> my thesis. What do you guys think? Any suggestions? I was thinking of 
> using latex for the whole thing, is that a bad idea?
> Dalibor, you once sent me a pointer to a page linking to 
> documents people have written in the past (like Samuel Sanseri, Edouard 
> and other folks), but I can't find that link anymore. Could you help me 
> with that?
> Thanks everybody!
> Gerlando
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