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Tue Jul 1 09:45:01 PDT 2003

Ciao Gerlando,

--- Gerlando Falauto <iurly at writeme.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> has there been an effort to write some organic documentation about the
> Kaffe Architecture? Something a newbie could read to get an idea of what
> kaffe's made of and how it works? 

Nothing official, unfortunately. A couple of files here and there. But such an
effort would be very appreciated. 

> I was thinking of writing such a document and including it as a chapter of 
> my thesis. What do you guys think? Any suggestions? I was thinking of 
> using latex for the whole thing, is that a bad idea?

Latex is a good choice, since you want to incorporate the docs in your thesis.
I personally think in the long run using DocBook might be better. Unfortonately
the DocBook tools are not up to the level of reliability of LaTeX, from what
I've seen.

So just use whatever suits you best, as long it's an open format. MS Word DOC
files would be really, really bad ;)

> Dalibor, you once sent me a pointer to a page linking to 
> documents people have written in the past (like Samuel Sanseri, Edouard 
> and other folks), but I can't find that link anymore. Could you help me 
> with that?

Sure: http://www.kaffe.org/weeklynews/2002/1.html

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