[kaffe] Basic question about Kaffe Libraries

Deepti Nayak deepti_nayak at infosys.com
Wed Jul 9 00:17:01 PDT 2003

Hi Dalibor,

I had gone through this link also and the two files I downloaded are 
kaffe-common.tar.gz  (Common tarball)and
kaffe-wince-arm-hpc-wce300.tar.gz (tarball for my device)

I also followed all the steps mentioned in the installation instructions but still I am not able to run my applications correctly.

Also the Klasses.jar file doesnot contain javax.* classes. Does this mean Kaff doesnot support running J2ME applications? Is there is a workaround for this?
As my main objective was to run a J2ME application on my PDA device. 

If I try to manually add MIDP classes in my Kaffe directory and give its reference in CLASSPATH, it gives "Unsatisfied Link Error".


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Hi Deepti,

--- Deepti Nayak <deepti_nayak at infosys.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a very basic question about Kaffe libraries.
> I have a device which has WINCE 3.0 OS and ARM processor. For this I have
> downloaded Kaffe-common tar file and device specific tar file and installed
> it on my PDA.
> To run Kaffe KVM do I need extra libraries?

AFAIK you need to download other libraries from Reiner's KaffeCE page. Read his
webpage for more information. Among other things it says:

# Get the common tarball and the tarball for your device. Create directory
kaffe somewhere on your device and copy the files from the kaffe subdirs there.
# Get celib.dll 3.10 or higher and copy to \windows.
# Run the registry batch file or create the entries manually.
# Read about additional registry entries.

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